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London Diaries: morning dips, solo gigs & away days

August has been busy; my body and my bank account are definitely feeling it! This month I feel I've really settled into London living, I feel settled in my new place and I've got a routine that works for me. I recently signed up for a swimming membership at the local pool which I've bee…

New Digs, New Job & New City

So...I moved! In May I moved to London, I've been talking about moving to London for many many years and it finally happened! Life since then has been ridiculously busy, hence the radio silence on the blog & podcast. Let's recap on the busiest and an incredibly fun three months. Moving …
Hampshire, UK

Introducing Flourish with Fleur | Podcast

It's happening guys, I've launched my very own podcast! I've been playing with the idea for a while and whilst I'm incredibly nervous to get cracking.
Flourish with Fleur is a podcast dedicated to self-improvement. At the start of the year I set myself some goals surrounding career…

Hello 2021

We did it guys, we got through the hell hole of 2020. Who would have thought that would be possible! Normally I don’t set resolutions but this year I am determined to make it count so I've decided to set goals rather than resolutions. I want them to be stress free, chill and if it doesn't ha…

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