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Five Minutes with Sighh Designs

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Polly Vadasz, owner of Sighh Designs, an online shop which sells a lovely selection of phone cases, pocket mirrors and nail transfers. Sighh Designs is fastly becoming a very popular online shop. I own a phone case from her lovely shop (the Cells Case). I was lucky enough to be able to ask her some questions about Sighh Designs, so here we have it: Five Minutes With Sighh Designs.
1. When you first starting posting your doodles on Instagram did you imagine that it would ever lead you to own your business?
No! I didn't even think about selling my work, or that anyone would want to buy it. It took some persuading for me to actually attempt to open my little trial run on Etsy. 
2. What is your biggest inspiration when designing new products?
My biggest inspiration... it doesn't really show because I end up procrastinating and creating more illustrative designs but I really want to focus on typography, so funny little tweets/quotes I see are what I'm inspired by. When something is funny I want to draw it out in a sarcastic way, like the Little Bitch case and OOPS mirrors. While I was doing my graphics A level I was always researching new artists so that definitely inspired how I design them, but not the content. 
3. Where do you see Sighh Designs in five years time? 
Um I literally have no idea :') I could not have predicted how much support my shop would get throughout this last year, so I don't know how much it'll grow, or whether I'll have expanded into something else. In 5 years I'll have finished my degree (omg) so I might be in some normal job and not even run the shop.. but I hope I do keep it up for as long as possible, even if it's just a side thing :)
Credit: Sighh Designs
4. You have such a large following on Instagram and Twitter, how do you think this has helped the growth and development of Sighh Designs?
Sighh is a completely social media dependent shop, my customers are my followers and my designs are for them, for what I like and think they'll like and adapted to their requests/suggestions. The main reason I have such a following is because of my shop/the art I post, which is the best feeling ever.
5. Lastly, what has been your proudest achievement for Sighh Designs?
My proudest achievement was the christmas period last year (November-December) where I had SO many tweets from people buying their friends and family gifts from my shop, and the recipients telling me that they liked them. The fact that they wanted to give their loved ones products that I had designed was SO INCREDIBLE AND FLATTERING. 
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