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Escape the Library | Best Study Places in Oxford

I am very much a person that cannot sit in one place for too long, I enjoy gaining a change of scenery and my work does benefit from it. Sometimes sitting in the library all day just turns my head to mush and I find myself stuck hitting a creative wall, at points like this it’s time to move. Oxford is full, and by full I mean full of lovely cafes that you can work from. Living in a student city it can sometimes be challenging to find a sit but here is a list of my favourite places to work in and around the city centre.

Society Cafe
Located down St. Michaels Street this is one of my all-time favourite places to work from. It can get a little busy and loud so if you don’t mind this remember to pop some headphones in your bag. I’m pretty sure that in the busier hours you can still use your laptop but you just have to use one of the more communal hours, best to double check when you go through! 

The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen
Only a couple doors down from Society Cafe is The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen. Located above a bicycle shop it has lots of quirky decorations and a lovely menu. Like many other cafes in Oxford they do have laptop free times so best to check these, or just use it as an excuse to have a coffee break.

Skögen Kitchen
Just off Queens Street, scandi inspired interior it is extremely ‘instagramable’. It is slightly on the smaller side so if you just need to work from your laptop you’re all set. They have window-side sitting which is perfect for when you need to crack on. 

George Street Social
Another one located in the city centre, surprisingly located on George Street it has plenty of large tables enabling you to spread our your working materials. It does get quite busy though so if you’re keen on working here then head on down early — they do a great breakfast, treat yourself. 

Big Society 
Big Soc is a pub/bar/place located down on Cowley Road, the student sector of Oxford. It’s a perfect place to meet up with some course friends to do group work and to share ideas. They also do great food so if you hang around long enough you might as well treat yourself to dinner. 

There are plenty of other places I like working from in Oxford and this is just a very short list! If you have any other recommendations do let me know!


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