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Gap Year Travel: Fiji & Travelling Home

Fiji ➙ Auckland ➙ London

So I won’t lie, by the time we got to Fiji we had practically no money meaning we had to spend a lot of it just chilling on the beach, but hey there are worst ways to spend five days! We read a lot of books, played a lot of card games and soaked up the last few moments of gap year freedom we had left. 

 After Fiji, we flew back to New Zealand for a night. We stayed with a different set of family friends and we had the most amazing last night. We had an incredible dinner and were welcomed into their family as if we were one of them. Their house was so beautiful and I will truly treasure our last night. Our flight home wasn’t until late afternoon so we spent the morning eating breakfast on the decking overlooking the water, went for a quick walk and picked up some timtams! Before our flight, our lovely hosts took us out for lunch before dropping us off at the airport. They were so lovely and so kind I will be forever thankful for how they treated us. I remember the airport felt really strange and it didn’t feel like we were going home. We had a 36-hour journey between us and England, oh boy was it long but I’ll never forget seeing my mum waiting with a balloon and banner at the arrivals gate.


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