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Gap Year Travel: New Zealand

AucklandRotoruaTaupoWellingtonAbel TasmanWanakaQueenstownChristchurch
(and everywhere else in-between; there are many stops on Kiwi)

We stayed with family friends in Auckland which was a dream after spending so long in hostels it felt like a luxury to have my own room! I was very fortunate that my bedroom looked out on the skyline of Auckland, it was here that it really sunk in that we were there and we had just over a month left. We actually did the kiwi experience whilst we were in New Zealand which was one the best choices we made. It was actually so much fun, we were so lucky that we travelled the entire month with the same group of people and we’re still friends with a lot of them! We visited so many beautiful places and we quickly fell in love with the country, it almost as stupid as it sounds felt like we were at home. I won’t lie, I did have one of my lowest points of travelling whilst in New Zealand. Whilst we were in Cairns my leg started to really ache but I just put it down to being tired, fast forward a week and I can no longer walk so we decided a trip to doctors was a must where I’m told I have been bitten by a spider and have to be on a course of antibiotics, it then got worse and we had to go to urgent care in Wellington. I won’t lie, there were a lot of tears and I will never forget the pain that that bloody spider caused me. Things started picking up by Abel Tasman and I soon enough felt myself again meaning that I could enjoy the rest of my time on the South Island. I did a bungee jump in Queenstown and it was incredible, I’d actually be so down for doing it again! Quickly our month in New Zealand came to a close and we headed to the airport with one of our closest members of the KiwiFam Hannah, who actually goes to uni in Oxford which is mad! The three of us all got on our flights and moved on to our next destination: Fiji! 


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