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Gap Year Travel: Vietnam

London ➙ Hanoi ➙ Hue ➙ Hoi An ➙ Ho Chi Minh

The night before travelling I felt like I was in this bizarre bubble, all these months of preparation and here I was on the brink of going - it was surreal. The morning of I packed up my last few bits and waited for Floss and her mum to pick my mum and me up. We all drove to the airport and got breakfast together before we said goodbye for three months. I have to admit I cried a lot, I have always been someone to get homesick and I’m very close to my family so it was weird knowing I wouldn’t see them for so long. 

We boarded our flight and off we went for our adventure. I could go on for hours about each individual country but I will *try* my best to keep this as concise as I can. Our first country to visit was Vietnam, we flew into Hanoi - a city in the north of the country. My god was there a culture shock, we were blown away and our jet lag and exhaustion just made us feel like two very small lost girls. This quickly left as we met our group tour and we spent two great weeks travelling throughout Vietnam. We were fortunate enough to visit: Ha Long Bay, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh. My favourite of them all was Hoi An, it had such a lovely feel to it and both I and Floss recall how much we enjoyed being there. One of our favourite days was spent with cycling through rice paddies to a lake where we ended up going in this basket boats which were bizarre but so cool, we then spent the afternoon people watching at a bar that had pints of beer for 10p! Can’t get that much of deal in spoons ey.


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