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What Exactly is a degree in Publishing Media?

I’m currently in the summer before my final year at Oxford Brookes University where I am studying Publishing Media. In my first year, I combined it with History of Art but I dropped this after my first year of studying it as I was more interested in pursuing a career in publishing after university. 

When I tell people that I study publishing one of their first questions is 'Publishing? What's that?!’ The very simple answer is that it is a degree that looks at every single aspect of publishing by providing modules that look into the principles of publishing, editing, design and also creating text. The course is incredibly flexible meaning that you can shape and cater it to fit your personal preference, for me this meant design. I particularly enjoyed the digital design modules that I took in my first year so decided that I would take predominantly design based modules for the rest of my time on the course. In doing so it has given me the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite whilst gaining knowledge of the process that is taken whilst a product is in the design sector. 
Whilst I do enjoy the design modules the most there are several compulsory modules that teach you about business and marketing but also how to use proofreading symbols. Everything you learn on the course is useful in helping you get a job once you leave university. 

One of the greatest things about the course is that you are taught by an incredibly talented pool of lecturers  who have worked within the publishing and for the most part still do because of this it means that they have an extensive list of connections within the industry which they use to its full potential by inviting in numerous guest speakers who give you an insight into the industry. 

Unfortunately, I believe that the particular course I do is no longer running but Brookes has actually just launched a number of new degree offerings including a new publishing degree as well as Graphic Design.


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