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Peanut Butter Dairy-Free Ice-Cream

For just under a year and a half, I've cut dairy out of my diet as I became intolerant of it. Now, before I cut dairy out I was a big cheese eater as well as a lover of ice-cream and all the goodness that comes with dairy. Ever since then I've been on the lookout for a decent cheese replacement as well as a good ice-cream. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good dairy-free ice-creams on sale but, and a big but, they don't come cheap! They are often quite expensive and definitely out of a students budget, so I decided to do some exploring online and try and find a cheap method of making my own ice-cream. There are so many recipes online and whilst a large proportion of them do require an ice-cream machine several of them are no-churn. I came across the blog called Unconventional Baking who had posted a dairy-free no ice cream machine needed recipe! I won’t lie myself and my mum both went into this with very low expectations but it was actually really nice and worked like a charm! Would very much recommend it even if you aren’t dairy-free! 

Find the recipe here


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