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Trying to Find The Balance

I have been on summer holidays for little under seven weeks now and for the majority of those seven weeks I’ve been working at two different jobs. Some weeks I’ve worked every day and some I’ve had one day off, I won’t lie; I bloody shattered but I don’t think I’d change it for the world. I’m very fortunate to be in this position and to be gaining experience working in a business and marketing role whilst my old job at a local supermarket has allowed me to take on more flexible working hours. The idea of gaining work experience before graduating university was an incredibly important thing to me and I wanted to ensure that I used my last summer bumping up the CV and helping to set myself up for the best possible start at life post university. Leaving uni without any experience and being pushed into a world full of thousands of other recently graduated millennials looking for work just absolutely terrifies me. However, there has to be some sort of a balance; even if at the moment it is slightly more weighted to the working life. I’ve been trying to switch off after work and leave work at work and take some time for myself sobeit through going to the pub with my friends or literally just reading in bed, currently reading The Lido – it’s a very lovely summer read (I normally put the books I’m reading on my Goodreads account). I’ve always loved reading and find it a really good way to escape and take some time for me. Being a publishing student, I suppose it is a given that I like books and find them something I’m passionate to talk about but hey it’s helping me to find that balance I need in my life! 

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