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Berlin | Interrailing

Our train to Berlin was going to be a late one and one of our longest trips yet, so we decided to get dinner to have on our train journey. Finally, we got to the hostel at about 11.30pm so got to the hostel and practically rolled into bed. The next day we woke early for a day of exploring. We started with going to buy breakfast at a local supermarket before taking it to a park to eat and then heading to Alexander Platz and window shopping in some lovely shops! Somehow, we stumbled upon yet another free sporting event, this time Berlin Flieght and yes, we did spend the afternoon getting slightly too invested in Team GB. Berlin has a notorious nightlife scene so of course, we had to have a night out in Berlin, I think the least said about that night the better; let’s just say it was a strange one. The following day we took things easy and had a slow start; in the afternoon we headed to the Reichstag Dome, which is part of the Government building. It was a really interesting experience and I’d fully recommend it. You also get amazing views from the top of the dome. We stayed in that night and had a chilled evening recuperating from our strange Berlin night out. The following day we had a busy day planned. We ate breakfast on our walk down to the Berlin Wall where we walked down the East Side Gallery, which was amazing! Next up was the Brandenburg Gate followed by heading into the tiergarten for some German beers. It was a great last day in Berlin and we loved watching people rent boats in tiergarten. 


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