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Brussels | Interrailing

Our train to Brussels wasn’t until mid-afternoon so we ended up waiting in a café playing card games and reading. We didn’t get to Brussels until early evening so went straight to the hostel, dumped our bags and went out for dinner. If you’ve been to Brussels you’ve most likely heard of/been to Delirium Café, which is where we spent the rest of our evening. Delirium Café is a bar with over 3,000 beers, we tried the famous cherry beer and I have to admit I think it was one of the vilest things I have ever drunk. It was such a hilarious evening and we met some great people. The next day we awoke to feel slightly worse for wear, so we showered and left the hostel in search of some fresh air and some food. We had our hearts set on having a Belgium Waffles, however when one of you is a vegan and one can’t eat dairy it makes it slightly complicated but alas, we found some. I don’t know what it was about this but everything about the café was slightly bizarre, I still look back and laugh. If you like touristy shops, you’ll love Brussels; there are loads of little streets filled to the brim with touristy shops selling souvenirs. As we were walking into the Grand Place, we realised that there was a sporting event taking place, so we investigated what was happening and found out it was the shotput championships. Now, I can’t say that Mils nor I were overly invested in shotput, but my god did that change; I’m not sure it was the atmosphere or the hangover, but my God did we get into it. It was so much fun and also so funny. After the games finished, we headed back to our hostel for dinner and then headed back out for another night in Delirium. The following day we had one more morning in Brussels before catching our next train to Berlin later that afternoon. We went for a walk into the centre again and stopped for lunch having Belgium fries, nice and healthy. Brussels completely blew us away and we loved our time here, it was non-stop laughter. 


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