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Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams | London

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to visit the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A Museum. It was showcasing over two-hundred rate haute couture garments featured alongside with accessories, original illustrations and magazines. It is the largest and most widespread Dior exhibition that the UK has ever seen. Following the history from 1947 to present day, it explores the influence and impression all of the artistic directors have had since Christian Dior passed away in 1957. Each section of the exhibition has a different element that they are celebrating. The theatrics behind it all and the high level of production was immense. You can really see the vast amount of time and effort that has gone into completing this exhibition to an extremely high standard. My personal favourite part of the display has got to be ‘The Ballroom’ which houses absolutely beautiful formal evening wear, including some that had been worn by notable figures to events such as the Oscars. What made this room so special to me was the light installation and synergy with the music, it really made it feel like something from a film; it’s hard to describe but it honestly was incredible. There are still a few more days to catch this brilliant exhibition and I’d truly recommend it to anyone.


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