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Dublin, Ireland

You might recall that a few weeks back I wrote about last years trip to Belfast. Well, both Mils and I enjoyed it so much we decided we’d hop across the puddle again but this time to Ireland and to Dublin. I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to go somewhere. Dublin was very damp when we arrived, but we didn’t let this put a dampener on our mood. We checked into the hostel, dumped our stuff and went out to explore. We had a little look around our local area before walking over to the _Gallery_  to take refuge from the rain. It was actually really nice to take a moment to relax after a hectic day of travelling. We grabbed some food to cook for dinner in our hostel before making a plan of action for the evening. If you recall from Belfast Mils found us some really fun and interesting pubs to go to, and Dublin was no different – honestly, if you need a holiday planned, Mils is your girl! We spent the evening bouncing from Irish pub to Irish pub and ending up in Temple Bar being the inner lairy lads we are. 

We had a busy day of exploring planned for our first day in Dublin. First on the agenda, prison. We do enjoy a good Victorian prison and Dublin was no different, we got there quite early, so we headed into the Irish Museum of Modern Art which is nearby for a little look and a coffee in their lovely café before heading over to the prison. I know it’s a strange activity for two twenty-somethings to do but we found it very interesting. We had a great tour-guide who was clearly very passionate about her job. By the end of the tour we were absolutely ravenous, so we looked up our nearest Boojum and walked directly there. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Boojum but it’s on a different level! Whilst we were having lunch, we spoke about what we’d do next, we decided on walking in the direction of Trinty College to have a mosey and also take a visit to The Book of Kells exhibition. The Book of Kells Exhibition is located in the Old Library building which was so beautiful! We stopped for a drink at the university because as you know, Mils and I do love a good people watch. As we were in a very touristy area, we decided to go full-blown we love Ireland and explore all the tacky shops we could visit. Fortunately for our bank accounts, we didn’t find anything. We headed back to our hostel to cook a lovely hostel dinner before heading out into Dublin to explore some more Irish pubs and to drink some more dodgy beers.

Our last full day in Dublin was centred around food. Having lived off Uncle Bens microwavable rice for the last few days we were looking forward to eating something slightly more substantial. Mils found a vegan restaurant come yoga studio come gym called Happy Food which had great reviews, so we headed on over. It was such a nice place and the food was incredible, if you’re in Dublin you should defo take a visit. They did serve loads of sweet treats, but we had a different thing on our minds: donuts. We had heard that The Rolling Donut served dairy-free donuts and my god were they good! By this point we felt stuffed so decided to head on over to the Dublin City Gallery. We spent the majority of the afternoon here before heading back to the hostel to get ready for our last night out at Temple Bar. This evening it was actually the start of a festival called TradFest which Mils and I fully went in for, we loved it! 

We had to check out of our hostel at 11am so we had a lazy morning before leaving. We went for brunch at Brother Hubbard where we both had a divine avocado toast. It was a pretty grim day out so there were limited options for things we could do so we choose the best option: pub. We went to P.Mac's because we had read that they had games, so I won’t lie our last afternoon in Dublin was spent drinking and eating whilst we played Jenga for hours and hours. Later that afternoon we had to get a bus to the airport before boarding our flight back to England. 

It was such a fun few days and I’d recommend Dublin to everyone, we loved it! 


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