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Prague | Interrailing

The journey from Berlin to Prague was a hot one and by the time we arrived in Prague. I think it’s safe to say we looked a little dishevelled, so we started our trip with a shower and rejig of our rucksacks, so we felt like we had our lives back in order. We were staying in the new town in a hostel called Ahoy, we personally loved it (apart from getting stuck in the lift, that was a low point) and fully made ourselves at home. We walked into the centre and got some food for lunch whilst we made a plan of action for our time in Prague. We were walking along to Charles bridge when we walked past a riverside bar with an Ed Sheeran tribute singer player and that was enough to convince Mils and I that we would be spending the rest of our evening here, we watched the sunset across the river whilst a seventeen-year-old Czech boy murdered Ed Sheeran songs and it was blooming lovely. Whilst we were in the hostel bar we befriended two other Brits who were also interrailing and ended up going on a night out with them.

The next day we felt slightly worse for wear so decided to go for a slightly more chilled day. We actually ended up renting a pedalo for an hour which was so much fun, potentially the least cultured thing we could have ended up doing but hey we enjoyed it! We then headed on over to the John Lennon Wall which was really cool! Before chilling in the sun in a courtyard café. Once we had a bit of mojo back, we headed to explore the streets of the old town and looked through all the small shops lining the streets.

Day three we walked up to the castle; I won’t lie it was an absolutely roasting day so we did make a stop off halfway up at a café for a beer. The views from the café were immense and it was such a good view across the city. We carried on the trek to the top and explored the castle. We had spent far too long here people watching and soaking up those holiday vibes. Carrying on our holiday mood we browsed through some more touristy shops before ending up in the old square. We finished off our high-brow and cultured day with a trip to the Prague Sex Museum which was completely bizarre and hilarious. As it was our last evening in Prague we decided to treat ourselves to food out and headed to Forky's, which is an entirely vegan fast food restaurant. It was incredible and we both loved it! After dinner, we headed back to our favourite riverside bar for some last holiday beers in Prague. Next stop: Vienna.


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