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Vienna | Interrailing

We arrived in Vienna late afternoon and checked into our hostel; I won’t lie our hostel was one of the weirdest places I’ve ever stayed; nothing bad, just incredibly bizarre. That evening we walked into the city centre and found a vegan takeaway pizza place which we took and ate in a park. We put the world to rights before heading back to the hostel for an early night to recover from Prague. The next day we had a busy day planned, we were heading to the Schönbrunn Palace. Walked around the gardens for some time before stopping for a picnic lunch. We got the train back to the city centre where we fell upon BuskerFest in Karlsplatz.  We ended up spending the entire afternoon watching bands, magicians and all sorts of other performers. It was actually a really cool afternoon and we were so lucky to fall into it. We then headed back to our hostel to get changed as we were off to the opera that evening…kinda. In the summer months, the Vienna State Opera live streams the opera from inside onto screens outside the opera house. I think we may have been the only members in the audience that were under the age of 45 but we still had a lovely evening. We might not have had a clue what was happening but hey with a little assistance from Wikipedia we had a very vague idea of what was going on. It was a great day and a half in Vienna and whilst it was slightly bizarre it was still a laugh. Next up: Budapest!


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