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Lockdown Diaries #1: Giant Jaffa Cakes & Dog Walks

Here we are in lockdown...still! Last blogpost I spoke about how my time at Oxford Brookes University was coming to an end. In the last month I’ve finished my degree and boy has it been a month!

Lockdown has made me really me really appreciate living in the countryside. I’m very grateful for being able to take walks throughout the local area. I’m sure you’re aware but I have two dogs who I love dearly! Myself and my mum have been walking the dogs every evening and discovering parts of our town we hadn’t before. I also whipped out my old bike so have been (I say this with a pinch of salt, I've cycled twice as of writing) trying to get out more on the bike!

On the 12th of May it was my mums birthday so to celebrate I baked a giant Jaffa cake! It was actually really simple and easy to make. I've had a couple people over on my food insta ask for the recipe so I'll post that soon!

I've really enjoyed taking some time to chill and destress after a rather long and endless semester. I've  started working part-time  for my dads company which I have been enjoying because it adds a little bit of structure to my everyday life!

Hope you are well and staying safe during this weird time!


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