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Moving Back Home

Hello, long time no speak! I do hope you are all keeping well and safe amidst this pandemic. It's been a strange few weeks, I'm not sure where to start on a catch up blogpost.

So, if you didn't know I was studying Publishing Media in Oxford but due to the on-going pandemic I've returned back to my parents house in Hampshire to finish my degree from the comfort of home. This Friday I hand in my last assignment as an undergraduate student, yikes! Whilst I am absolutely terrified for the future I'm also so excited. I've had such an amazing three years at Oxford Brookes University and loved every moment of it. I won't lie, final year hasn't been the easiest at times but I'd definitely say it's one of the most fun years. Third year is a lot, the workload is intense as you have your dissertation to write. I wrote my dissertation on how the media treatment of the British Royal Family has evolved since the death of Princess Diana. It was really interesting to explore this idea and I'm so proud of myself for finishing it. If you know me personally you'll know I struggle with writing (ironic that you're reading this on a blog), a lot of my lectures and peers were surprised I decided to do a traditional dissertation instead of final design project. I won't lie and say it was easy,  but I did it and I am so proud of myself!

What else have I been up to other than university assignments? I still have a strong passion for art and whilst I can't physically go to art galleries at the moment I am loving using resources such as Tate Collective to deepen my understanding of the art world. They also have a fab podcast which I'd highly recommend. It's called 'Walks of Art' where they interview experts about the art of the area. The best part is that it allows you to explore London without even having to leave the house; perfect for lockdown.

I'm very lucky that home home is in the countryside of Hampshire so we've been walking the dogs through the fields and woods everyday. The bluebells are out at the moment and it looks amazing. Lockdown has made me try and find happiness in the smallest of things during all this uncertainty - deep I know.

I've jabbered on now so I'll leave it here, I hope you're keeping safe and well!


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