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95 Cowley Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 1HR, UK

Big Society | What Oxford Eats

I think Big Society was one of the first bars/pubs I went to  when I moved to Oxford. It's along the famous Cowley Road and in such a vibrant and happening area. 

They are famous for their fried chicken and rightly so, the food is incredible and it's also affordable making it the double whammy! They  also do a range of vegan burgers which are very tasty (featured in the last photo). 

Drinks wise they have so much variety including IPAs, Gins and a pretty decent house wine too! 

They host a weekly pub quiz (postponed during COVID-19 unfortunately) which makes for a really fun evening! It is such a good thing to do with friends after a long day at work/university.

Overall, Big Society is such a good place to catch up with friends and always has a buzzing atmosphere! 


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