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#FiveMinuteReview | Such A Fun Age - Kiley Reid

Such A Fun Age is Kiley Reid's (pictured) debut novel and my goodness is it brilliant first publication. 

The book follows the incredible story of a young black woman in Philadelphia called Emira Tucker. Whilst working as a babysitter Emira is wrongly accused of kidnapping the white child. The story follows the aftermath of this.

The book brilliantly discusses themes of race and privilege whilst also speaking on about the anxiety that comes with job security. Reid discusses these topics with such elegance that it provokes a conversation to be had. I for one found myself talking about this book to anyone that would listen!

Ried's style of writing makes this book hard to put down and I've already passed it on to my friends for them to read as well. It truly is an addictive read. I'm really interested to see what the next book from Kiley Reid will be like, I really do believe that it will be truly great. 

Overall, I loved this book and would highly recommend it. The only issue I did have with it is the ending as it did feel slightly abrupt, but I do believe that this was done with purpose.



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