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London Diaries: morning dips, solo gigs & away days

August has been busy; my body and my bank account are definitely feeling it! This month I feel I've really settled into London living, I feel settled in my new place and I've got a routine that works for me. I recently signed up for a swimming membership at the local pool which I've been really enjoying. If you know anything about London it is that it is bloody expensive, so whilst I couldn't quite afford the hefty gym monthly membership I could afford a swimming membership. So, before work I plod on down to the pool and do my lengths. I have to admit I love it, I've never been a particularly keen swimmer but I think nowadays there's just something about not looking at a screen that does good things for me! I find it quite hard to shut off from work sometimes and with the nature of my job I do feel like sometimes I'm thinking about it constantly, swimming provides a sense of escapism that I'm really enjoying. I am probably one of the youngest there and yes sometimes it does feel like the setting of a midsummer murders episode but I like it and it's doing good things for my head! 

I worked out that prior to this month it had been just over nineteen months since I'd seen live music, which is mad considering I used to go all the time. Living in London means that I have the opportunity to go to so many gigs and see different artists. This month I went to The Bedford to see Tommy Down and Notting Hill Arts Club to see Gecko Club. 

    The Bedford in Balham hosts free gigs multiple times a week, I was scrolling on their website when I noticed that Tommy Down was playing. I'd had a rather manic day at work and I didn't know anyone who wanted to go so nearly didn't go but last minute decided to pop down. I'm so glad I went, I won't lie it was quite daunting walking in alone but you know what no one cared! I had a great evening regardless of being their alone and it was just what I needed. 

    The second gig was to see Gecko Club at the Notting Hill Arts Club, again I went alone and it was fine! I'm so happy I feel confident enough to do things alone, several years back I don’t know if this would have been the case but I wanted to Tommy Down and Gecko Club so much that I thought why not.

I've had a few away days this month, heading back to my old stomping ground Oxford for the night. I managed to squeeze in a visit to see some of my old university friends. It was great fun being back on Cowley Road and seeing some of my old pals. The second trip was back to Hampshire, I'm such home bod that everytime I go back I love it. I bloody love my family and going home to see them makes me so happy. I think since moving to London I've started to really appreciate our garden again, this year my mother has thrown herself into the garden and I managed to pinch some fresh carrots and garlic. We actually went to Highclere Castle whilst I was home which was interesting to see. 

I've finally managed to find the time to read again, hallelujah  My commute to work is the perfect time to read and like swimming means I'm not staring at my phone constantly. This month I finished Nine Perfect Strangers which I'll do a whole blog post about in the near future but I'm so unsure on my thoughts of this book. I know that they've just made a series based on the book so I would be tempted to see how this is done.

Lastly, lets finish on some great news! I got my second vaccine! I'm grateful to live in a country where I'm given free health care, I feel so fortunate to be able to get my vaccine so easily. 

And that's all folks, thanks for reading this far if you did! 

Catch you later! 

F x


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