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New Digs, New Job & New City

So...I moved! In May I moved to London, I've been talking about moving to London for many many years and it finally happened! Life since then has been ridiculously busy, hence the radio silence on the blog & podcast. Let's recap on the busiest and an incredibly fun three months. 

Moving day started a little rocky, our van (which at the time was completely full to the brim of my belongings) broke down about ten minutes into the journey. So, you could say that the air was a little tense in this moment but was quickly resolved with the help of my entire family - absolute heroes the lot of them! Crisis averted I managed to get myself and all my belongings to Balham. The first week was spent getting used to my new home and settling into London life. 

To make the whole concept of moving to London even more hectic, I started a new job one week post moving! I'm super fortunate to have managed to secure a role within a social media agency, Long Story Short. I am so incredibly passionate about social media and truly believe that there are so many opportunities to have on it. I'll do an entire post about working in London and how to find the work/life balance. At the moment I'm doing a few days in the office and few days working-from-home, the office is beautiful and gives me The Intern vibes (if you know you know). 

Since being in London, COVID-19 restrictions have eased and it's been lovely (a little scary) seeing the world come back to life. The easing of the restrictions has allowed me to have several friends visit, it's such a lovely feeling being able to share my new home with my friends and take them to my favourite spots in Balham and further into London. Myself and my housemates have accidentally become locals at a pub just around the corner from me, The Cyclist. We can often be found there with the cheapest bottle of red wine...

Outside of work and The Cyclist, it has been incredible being able to explore different parts of London. There is just so much to do here and it's all on my doorstep. Working in central means I get to sit by the river everyday on my lunch, it's so surreal being amongst it all. 

Living in London is truly amazing, I have dreamt of this moment for so long and it is everything I could want it to be and more. Don't get me wrong, there are the slightly less great sides - bloody expensive pints, extortionate rent and let me tell you the Northern line is blooming hot! Regardless of all the slightly bad parts, it's great. 


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