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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Fleur - a 23-year-old working and living in the wonderful London. II've been blogging since I was about 15 so you could say I've been blurting my thoughts onto the internet for sometime. I've always been writing about what I've been up to and for a long time it was just my mum who was reading it (Hi Mum), nowadays I have stepped back from the world of blogging to return in recent months as a way of trying to keep a record of this weird and wonderful world that we are living in. 

Where am I now?

It's August 2021, and I'm living and in London which is truly a dream come true. I still cannot believe that this is my life! I work in social media for a new agency which honestly does sound like something from a film. Still blogging, still podcasting, still instagramming what I've eaten - just a different place! 

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